Introducing…the “BOLD” from Big Buddha!!

Our newest style is called the “BOLD” and it’s from your friends from Big Buddha!  With the help of our adorable buddies in the picture, we’re sure you’ll love them as well!!

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Holly Dolly and Big Buddha!!!

We here at Big Buddha would love to share some pics from the wondeful blogger “Holly Dolly.” She’s obviously super stylish and loves alterering clothes while creating new things as well! Click on the link below and check out some of her cool bows that she makes!

See her cut some jeans and rock them with the Big Buddha “RYLEE”.. a perfect oxford shoe for her new creation!!!

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Cruelty free AND stylish??!!!!..MMhmmm.

Can cruelty free be stylish? Here at Buddha we believe that fo-sho.

Here is the Big Buddha “Echo”on the super stylish “Ethical Bella” whos blog specializes in cruelty free shoes while still maintaining that great cutting edge look..

Check her out at and see her rock these kicks!

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Big Buddha Shoe Giveaway is HERE!!!

Big Buddha Shoes and expert Blogger Danielle from “Sometimes Sweet Blog” have teamed up and are doing a shoe give away in the month of July! We’re sooooo excited to be working with such a talented and stylish blogger!!  So just click on the link and you’re one step closer to some new kicks from Big Buddha as well as being privy to so many cool, neat-o, nifty things posted on her site!!

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4th of July!~~

As the greatest American Holdiay Celebration kicks off, here are some ways to so very stylish while beating the heat!

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Get your Art on!

Here at Big Buddha we feel fashion and art go hand in hand. The brilliant Margret Kilgallen is such an influental artists that blended typography and collage images on canvas so we feel we’d like to share!
Here’s a quick bio of her work and she played a mean Banjo too!
Margaret Kilgallen was born in Washington D.C. in 1967 and received her MFA from Stanford University in 2001. Considered by many one of the leading exponents of contemporary Folk Art, Kilgallen was attracted to the hand painted signs of the Bay Area and to the bold lines of hand drawn advertising. Her art may seem childish and machine like, but it is a painstaking process that can take copious amounts of hours. Kilgallen died of breast cancer complications right after the birth of her child with fellow brilliant Artist Barry McGee in 2001.
Inspired by hand-made signs. Margret’s artwork is very “folk” in nature yet rooted in cutting edge typography and imagery.  
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Summer Tunes!!!

As the Summer time heats up and you’re gracefully lounging poolside. Here’s a great summer album for those sunny beach or pool side days. The band is called “White Fence”. This self titled album harkins the jangly 60’s guitar rock that can even be called “surf rock.” While at the beach this album will instantly transport you to the “Gidget” beach party days. This album is a perfect partner that will keep you entertained thru the lazy days of summer.

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