Western Revival!

Howdy! We here at Big Buddha are in love with Western. In my opinion its never really gone out of style. Paired with some jeans or a dress you can really style these bad boys out! Check out our inspiration and the “Wyatt” and “Wylan” both shaft heights offer that chic urban western feel!

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3 Responses to Western Revival!

  1. geogina says:

    where can i buy these boots!! i love that they zip so that i can fit my high arched feet 🙂

    • Hey Geogina- Thanks so much for the reply!
      Anyways are you talking about the tall boot? or the short shaft boot?
      The tall is called “Wyatt” and the short is called the “wylan”
      if you google the name i’m sure that you can find any retailer close to you.
      be sure to let me know if you have any problems!!!

      be well.

      • geogina says:

        i love the wyatt and tried googling it and only the wylan shows. please direct me in the right direction for a store online or in the LA area (south bay) thanks!!

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