“Bambii” (sneak peak..shhhhh…..)

We here at Big Buddha want to keep our girls updated on our latest styles that will be arriving. Soooo with that being said is another “Sneak Peak” into what will be gracefully sliding into your stores soon. Its called the “Bambii” and who doesnt love Bambii right?! This soft mocossin will def never leave your side as you explore new places…shhhh..pass it on!

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5 Responses to “Bambii” (sneak peak..shhhhh…..)

  1. ainsley says:

    those are adorable!

  2. Mila says:

    These are so cute! I’ve been looking for a pair

  3. Chaplinnn says:

    Beautiful! A few years ago I bought some Steve Madden mocs that were similar to these. I wore them EVERYWHERE until they were no longer wearable. The Bambiis are probably my favorite similar style I have seen since. 🙂

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