Get your Art on!

Here at Big Buddha we feel fashion and art go hand in hand. The brilliant Margret Kilgallen is such an influental artists that blended typography and collage images on canvas so we feel we’d like to share!
Here’s a quick bio of her work and she played a mean Banjo too!
Margaret Kilgallen was born in Washington D.C. in 1967 and received her MFA from Stanford University in 2001. Considered by many one of the leading exponents of contemporary Folk Art, Kilgallen was attracted to the hand painted signs of the Bay Area and to the bold lines of hand drawn advertising. Her art may seem childish and machine like, but it is a painstaking process that can take copious amounts of hours. Kilgallen died of breast cancer complications right after the birth of her child with fellow brilliant Artist Barry McGee in 2001.
Inspired by hand-made signs. Margret’s artwork is very “folk” in nature yet rooted in cutting edge typography and imagery.  

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